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Started by David6340, July 19, 2004, 08:43:59 PM

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If I should decide to sell my BS used only once, this past Sunday, would anybody be interested? I paid $360.00 last week at Bass in Gurnee, IL. I'll listen to reasonable offers. You can either pick up in the Chicago area or I'll split the shipping.



IMHO don't give up on the Bradley. You should experiment with some different types and quantities of meat. Follow some of the advice from people on this forum that have already learned what works best, ask as many questions as you like. The Bradley is a great product but you have to learn how to use it to it's full potential.[:D][:)]

Eat This

David....why do you want to sell? I am getting one this week (fri or sat) and would be interested. I went to Bass pro shops to look at it yesterday (i also found out they stock the Hi mountain cures that this forum is fond of..YES). To be honest they had a crappy display (doors were broken on both the black one and the stainless one)  and it seemed smaller than in the pictures but from what I have read and researched it seems to be a fine unit. What problems have you had??? Im sure members can help you unless it is "I just dont like it"...than that one is up to you..LOL..



Cooking is an art. Smoking is a science.

I've had my BS for 3 weeks trying different things and will volunteer my services this weekend for the first time using the BS. What am I going to smoke? Chicken! Easy and fool proof.

You chose a very difficult cut of meat to try the first time.

Please consider evaluating the situation in a different light.

IMHO, it is you that made a decision to regret, been there done that, but give your BS a chance.

My wife is as good a cook/chef as you'll of the reasons we've been married for 27 years![8D]
She is very impressed with the meat from the BS and I've just started!

Her dad is a BBQ connoisseur and her brother is viewed as a old style smoking genius.

I'm gona take them and my Bradley that is![:D]

Please don't let one failure poison your attitude. [:(]

Every great cook has a failure. Learn and try again....[:)]

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Yeah!what they said![:D]

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