use of auber on my bradley smoker

Started by just a smokin, April 07, 2018, 04:52:23 PM

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just a smokin

  hey there everyone , well i just got my new auber PID hooked up with  some great advice here from some of the users. however i have a question for you ... my smoker actually did get up to temp ..180..( and it is colder than heck here now still) but i never noticed before ,but the little (orange) light on the smoke box was flickering . i did check my connections to make sure things were good there . i was wondering is this maybe a indication that to tell you when power is on to heat up the box...

  thanks for your replys ..


Yes, that light comes on whenever the 500W heating element is energized.

just a smokin

  yea i do realize that the red light there should be on ... however it is flickering off and on .. i was just wondering if this might be a sign of something .. thanks


Does it flicker constantly as soon as you turn on the smoker or does it sometimes stay on for a bit and then start to flicker?  I have an Auber PID that I installed in the SG box.  The light on the smoker stays on until it gets close to the SP.  After that, it begins to flicker as the PID throttles down to try and maintain the SP.

just a smokin

  hey right on ... i mean it is with in fairly close to that temp .. i mean 20-50 degrees away .. and then it starts to flicker some .. and also this is my older one to ( the one with the slide bar for temp control; at the bottom ) the new ones (manual i have ... no problem there with this issue .

just a smokin

  hey ted e bear ..

  just curious what size of breaker are you using for your set up there ... i mean i am using a 15 amp breaker ,for 3 manual ,no extra heaters at all (all bradleys 4 rack)

  then using 3 aubers all dual probe for my temp control... ( you see i just cant see there aubers actually drawing 12 amp a piece )

  lol i guess i just need a little bit of advice here , because it seems the breaker is handling things just fine with this kind of electrical load .

  i hope all this makes sense

thanks Dan


Mine is running on a regular 20A circuit.  Be careful if you are running multiple smokers at the same time on the same circuit.  The Bradley doesn't like sharing loads and it can struggle to get up to the SP if another appliance is running.  Things like that or lightweight long extension cords have been known to cause low temps during a smoking session.


I think the light flicker is the pid pulsing the heating element. That's how it can keep such fine temperature. It only turns the element on for short periods and then off again.

Being that the light it attached to the element power you are seeing the pid at work.

Mine does it when its hooked up to my water bath/turkey roaster also because it has a power indicator light. All is well. IMO



I have a duel Prob Auber Pid (the kind that is its own little unit)  and the flashing would be consistent with the heating indicator light on my PID. It will stay on for warm up and start to flash as it nears the temp setting.

just a smokin

   ok i see what you mean there .. and that makes sense too .. thank you