Error code E on oven side

Started by Knowlesj, July 13, 2018, 12:49:47 PM

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New to the forum and trying to figure out why I am getting an E error code on my oven side of my unit. I have tried unplugging and replugging in the wires but that didn't work. I removed and reinserted the puck chute and watched the puck mechanism and it appears to be working correctly but I am still getting the code and beeping. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Below is information copied from another post. Pay particular attention to the next to last paragraph.

An "E" message is letting you know that there is something wrong with the advance system. It's the connection between the motor arm and the micro switch. Please open the generator, and take a look at that switch which is going to be a gray rectangle shaped switch; first make sure that it is connected, secondly makes sure nothing is blocking that switch and the arm. If the wires appear to be plugged in, disconnect and reconnect the connections to make sure they are secure.

If the above does not work, check the drive guide for any obstructions; such as a build up of debris in the tracks that will interfere with the movement of the system. Also check the drive guide for any wear and tear. That is an indication the guide track is out of alignment and need to be adjusted.

Another thing that may cause the error, it the micro switch. With your generator plugged in (only do this if you feel comfortable with working with electrical appliances); depress the micro switch. This is to test to see if the micro switch does work. The motor should engage and the motor arm should come around and depress the switch; you should hear a definite click. If it doesn't depress the switch, loosen the two motor nuts, and realign the motor.

If this does not work contact Bradley Technical Support.