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Started by PattyCakes, July 23, 2018, 12:03:19 PM

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New to the forum... Pulled out my old Bradley 4-rack after many moons and it fired up perfectly. However, even at the lowest temp setting it is running around 150 degrees (wide open) per the temperature gauge anyway. I am trying to follow the book and stay at 100-120 a bit. The outside temp is 77 but slated to get into the 90's shortly. Is it too hot to use or could my unit be starting to run too hot (like every Little or Big Chief I have owned did eventually)?
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During the hot weather it is difficult to keep temperature in the cold smoking range; which would be less than 90°F. Even keeping it in the range you want, can be difficult. Do a search on the forum for "cold smoke box". It is a way to detach your generator from the smoker, and run smoke to your cabinet.

Other things that you can do is to place a pan of ice on the bottom rack, or fill the water bowl with ice. Cracking the door open will also help keep down the temperature. If the temperature get too hot you may periodically want to open the doorfor a period of time to allow the heat to escape.

Also keep the smoker out of the sun. Try to only smoke during the coolest evening or morning hours.



I have the Cold Smoke Box it works great. Do cheese, nuts, garlic you name it with it.
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Hello PattyCakes and welcome to the Forum. I tried everything to lower the internal temperature too and ended up getting the Cold Smoke Adapter for cold smoking my cheese. Works great and I don't have to wait for a cool day, or spring/fall to smoke :)


 I put one of them 10lb block ice on the bottom rack with a foil pan to replace the bowl on the bottom. Only run the SG and if things get to hot, I will prop the door open about 1/4 inch.


Thanks all - compensating for the hot weather was key but the salmon (and subsequent first effort chicken) turned out just ducky IMHO... So much so I ordered 5 more boxes of Alder bisquettes (I feel like I got a steal at a little over $7/box - clearance priced at WalMart online). Hope that is kosher and helps someone likewise...
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As previously stated, the cold smoke adapter is well worth the purchase price.
Makes it easy to cold smoke in just about any temperature.


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Never thought of hooking up my air conditioner to my Bradley to cold smoke!!!!!  Wonder how that'll work????  ;D ;D