Life After Seasoning

Started by arniep, August 16, 2018, 06:53:02 AM

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I have just got through seasoning my new smoker. It says to wash drip bowl & racks with hot  water and dish detergent.
My question is should I leave the smokey residue on the inside of smoker? It looks so good with the shiny stainless inside.
So do I keep it looking new and shinny or will it smoke the meat better with this residue left alone and just keep vent and door seal very clean.
Thank you for your help :)


NEVER clean inside the darker it gets the better the flavor. keep smoking and enjoy,


I leave the inside smokey. clean up drips and spills and wipe down with newspaper or paper towel so there is no buildup. this is a great site for information and advice so ask away. no question is dumb but a search will most likely find what you are looking for.. keep the vent wide open.


Clean the racks but not the walls!    Mines been around about 9 years and only clean the racks  ;D
Live, ride, eat well and thank God!


Thanks for everyone that replied. I am a first time smoker. I have a weber genesis and a weber kettle grill so this smoking thing is all new to me. I think I am going to like it. It apears like the Bradley pretty well makes it fool proof for cooking...willsee. :)