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Started by SSMOKEE, September 29, 2018, 06:53:58 AM

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So, I have the common shattered bottom plastic housing that holds the circuit board for the temperature control switch with slider. It's completely shattered and not salvageable.  Thus this leaves my circuit board exposed and it has arced  out and fried.  The unit was working until that. My question for those who may be a little more advanced in this sort of of thing is:

Can I use a different temperature control switch / circuit board since it's just 2 connections.

Is there a work around or could I use an after market type part?

cathouse willy

Depending on its age it may be a warranty issue. If not there are workarounds. Replace the bottom panel and control board with a new one from Bradley or buy a pid and jumper around the old control board.The pid option will control the temp of the smoker much more accurately than a new slider control.

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If you live in the U.S., it may be simpler to purchase replacement parts from Yard & Pool.

The bottom panel will cost $10.99, and the heat control switch goes for $24.99, then there is postage and possibly tax.

Bottom Panel

Heat Controller Switch



Hey thanks for the follow up.

I wish it was as simple as replacing the switch from the yardandpool link, but they are permanently out of stock.

Is there any guide to working the PID installation. I have the BTIS1 smoker so it's not under warranty. (I've owned it for roughly 5 years). I found on the motherboard where a wire from what appears to be the heat sink has broken so I'm going to try to solder it and see what happens.

I would hate to have to throw it away , everything else works and is in good functioning order.

cathouse willy

Auber instruments has plug and play pids for the Bradley smokers, easy to install and very accurate.They also offer a few diy pids for cheaper. Check amazon as they also have quite a few build it yourself pids.You should also call Bradleys customer service to see if they still have some of the original parts.
link to Aubers plug and play model.


you can bypass the controller and control directly with the PID. The auber PID is the one I have experience with and it is easy to install.
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Just wondering which way you went with the problem ssmokee , i have same model same problem. I was going to try to wire in the dial type from the newer model but wanted to see how you worked it out?