9 hour limit on the smoker/heat??

Started by Gsxr1k, November 27, 2018, 10:28:02 AM

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Going to cook/smoke for the first time tonight with my Bradley digital smoker. Buddy of mine at work who has the same smoker told me that the smoker generator box (that also controls the heating element) shuts off after 9 hours and has to be restarted for long cooks.

is this true? Is there anyway to bypass this limit?


Yes, in fact it is 9h40 minutes and the only way to bypass it is to buy a pid that would control your heat element instead of the Bradley heat controller.

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Ugh!! I'll keep my negative comments to myself then.. Thanks for confirming.


you can restart the timer anytime. 9 hrs would be a long time to go without checking your progress.


Yes that. You can add time at any time. I check mine every 3 hours, to change water except when doing a overnight smoke than I let it go about 7 hours. Either way I can't imagine a scenario where you wouldn't be in front of smoker for 9 hrs 40 minutes.

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