Bisquette advance not working every time

Started by lewisw, July 07, 2019, 03:39:52 PM

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Hi - I've got a digital smoker, and the manual bisquette advance isn't working every time. I took it apart, and it looks like the arm is struggling -- especially when it goes clockwise. Most times the plate does not retract far enough for the bisquette to drop down out of the chute onto the heating element.

Even when it does advance far enough, there is a bit of shuddering and jerkiness (and sometimes a sound like something is rubbing). I've already used compressed air to get all the sawdust out of there that I can. I'm wondering if I should lubricate the feeder plate or the arm while I've got it open and, if so, with what type of lubricant?

Also wondering if this means that the motor is on its way out. Honestly it seems more like a physical problem (dirt, misalignment or lack of lube) than a failing motor.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

cathouse willy

Check the position of the bisquette feeder tube, it's possible to push it too far down where it will bind on the feeder plate and cause the sort of troubles you've described

Habanero Smoker

Hi lewisw,

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If the feeder tube was inserted correctly, a less common cause could be the push plate rails may need to be realigned. From the description you posted, this seems very likely. Check the sides of the pusher plate, and rails. If you see wear marks on the side of the push plate and rail something is out of alignment or bent.

Sorry I can't post a picture. First you need to remove the generator housing to get to the guiderails. With the burner plate facing you will see two screws securing each push plate rail. On the side you see the wear marks, loosen the two screws that mount the push plate rails to the black plate that they are mounted to. Do not remove them just loosen them. Make sure the railing is loose enough to move. This may require some cleaning and removing built up smoke residue. Then push the wood advance button a few times this will let the motor align the push plate find its own center line. Carefully tighten the screws, without moving the rail. Push the wood advance button to make sure the alignment is correct.