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Started by allan_37, July 25, 2019, 02:09:33 AM

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I just installed a 900w heating element in my Bradley four shelf digital smoker. The install when great and the element works fine with one big exception. I set the oven temp at 230F and the smoker heated up to 230F in no time but keep on going well in the 250F range before I shut it down. I started it up again  with the oven temp set at 230F and the smoker heated up to 242F then went back down to 216F etc.  Just curious as too whats going on etc.

I am not using a PID as I was unsure if I really needed one. I was told that you really did not need to use a PID as some did this mod without one and things works fine.

Any help will be appreciated.

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Most use a PID or some other type of temperature controlling device to control the temperature, and to make sure the Bradley doesn't over heat and catch fire.

The Bradley digital temperature controller is known for not being very accurate, and will over shoot the temperature by as much as 20°F, and dip to under 20°F below your set temperature. With the 900w heater, it will probably over shoot by much more then 20°F. So the swings in temperatures you are seeing is the Bradley functioning as it was planned to do.

You should monitor your Bradley very closing during use. A temperature controller would be advisable.



Thanks. Looks like a PID would be best.


I have the 900w with a PID I get temps +- 2deg, Its great for doing sausages.
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Based on your advise i purchased the Dual Auber PID. Excellent investment as the unit works as advertised.