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Started by leach.r.83, September 03, 2019, 06:27:24 AM

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Hi Guys,

I have a bradley digital smoker unit.

The smoker is working A ok, when ever the heater element turns on it flips the breaker.

I have run the heater by itself on the same plugs, there is nothing wrong with it. the smoke generator works ok.

I have looked inside the machine, there is some scorching on the back of the PCB that is wired into the back of the twin IEC power sockets. does anyone know if bradley sell these as replacement parts?

Or am i going to have to unsolder and hard with the sockets.... Does anyone know why they opted for a PCB rather than direct wiring the plugs?

IEC photo below, its just an image off the net, I appreciate not everyone will know what an IEC is.



Contact Bradley Service. They might be able to help.
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