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Started by dallas76, October 04, 2019, 06:19:10 AM

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I have the 4 rack electric disc smoker. Last weekend went out to smoke a brisket and let it smoke overnight and when I came out the next morning the smoker was not going above 100 F and I had it set to the full temperature. Is this possibly bad temperature sensor or what? Thanks for any help, Dallas.

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Hi dallas76;

Welcome to the forum. What were you using to monitor the cabinet temperature?

It could be the sensor. A few things could have happened to cause this. Your main element seems like it was not working. Check the short jumper power cord that connects the generator to the cabinet. Make sure that is well seated, and making a good connection. It could be cause by the element burning out. If you have a multimeter, use the ohm setting to measure the resistance. Disconnect the wires from the element to test it. A good element will give yo a reading between 27 - 32 ohms. Another cause could be you blew the inline fuse. That fuse is located by taking the back panel off. Usually you cannot tell if it is good or not by looking at it. You would need to use a multimeter on the continuity setting, and test to see if the circuit is broken.



Mine does it also, you can go buy a new cable from Radio Shack if it persists...