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Replace 500 W heater with a single ~700 W?


Has anyone investigated the possibility of replacing the 500 W heater with a similar heater of 700 W or so?

It might be a simpler way to address the needs or many users for more heating capacity, such as those of us in the warmer parts of the country. Using a capacity of ~700 W would certainly reduce the need for a PID controller. And if a heater with similar dimensions could be found, it would avoid tinkering with wiring, sheet metal modifications and other issues associated with a second 500 W or a single 900 W unit.

A 700watt would be ok if there is one out there if some one is doing Sausage then I would recommend using a PID. As you need a better control of the Temps.

Habanero Smoker:
I haven't but any additional heat would be beneficial. Leaving the bisquette burner on during the cook will give you an additional 125w.


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