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Hey guys, total rookie here. I have recently purchased the original Bradley smoker and have only used it once. I decided to buy the Auber pid and have received it but have not set it up yet. I’m somewhat clear on how it works but I’m wondering where I set the temperature on the Bradley temperature control. I have read the directions for the Auber but it does not mention anything about it. The OBS only has the high, medium, low option. Do I just set it on high and let the PID do the work or does it even matter where I set the temperature. May be a dumb question, but any input would be much appreciated. Thanks guys.

Doesn't matter where you set it.  It is no longer in the circuit to control the heating element.  The PID does all the controlling.   8)

I always figured that I should set the unit on the smoke generator to high position because that would allow full power flow going to the PID.

I thought it probably controlled the temperature by letting percentages of power to the element, therefore....if my temp setting was at low, a smaller amount of juice was going from the smoke generator to the element.

All my thinking could be way out of left field on this.

As I said before, it doesn't matter where you set it.  It is completely removed from the circuit and does not control the current going to the heating element in any way, shape or form.  The heating element gets its power (current) from the PID and the original control will not control anything.

As dubob says, personally because it is not in use I leave the Bradley heat element control set to off / zero when using the PID purely because that is how my mind works, somehow seems more logical Mr Spock!  :)


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