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Habanero Smoker:
That is definitely true for the later models. If you have the Old Original Black Bradley (BTIS1), - which I believe TNRockyraccoon has; and you haven't by past the temperature control slider you need to keep the temperature to maximum for the PID to utilize all 500 watts of that element.

I still have and occasionally will use my Old Original Black Bradley. I've done the dual element mod on mine, and didn't by pass the controller. If I slide the controller to the far left "off", no current will flow, or very little will trickle to that  one element that is still connected to the slide controller. If I slide it halfway, then the PID can only utilize that element to approximately 50% of the element's full power.

I stand corrected 'Hab'.   :)

My Bradley is a digital purchased around 2008 or so.  I bought the PID in 2011 after hearing about it on this forum.  I just re-read the installation instructions for the PID and see now that there are a couple of ways to set up the connections and the Bradley controller can be supplying the heater power in certain setups.  Mine does not because of the way I set it up.  So, it is possible that 'TNR's' setup will require that he have his slider set to the max ON position at all times when he is using the smoker.

Apologies for misleading anybody if that be the case. 

Thanks for the reminder Habs, I was completely forgetting that my old Original Stainless Steel model with the slider had different requirements... should have kept my mouth shut!  ::).

Habanero Smoker:
Both of you are right. It's just easy to forget about that old technology. :) I'm not sure if there are many owners of the Old Bradley Smoker that are still out there.


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