Dent in front (bottom right). Gasket not sealing. Need repair advice

Started by Hangman, May 04, 2020, 08:46:52 AM

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I have a Bradley 4 rack digital smoker which I%u2019ve had for about four years.  This was my first smoker and I have realized some of the deficiencies.

About two years ago I noticed a significant dent in the bottom right face of the smoker.  Unfortunately the gasket will not seal this area.  I get a lot of liquid leaking out during smoking.   I removed the door And the bottom plate.  I was hoping I could bang out the dent.  However there is a hard foam insulation in the bottom.  Unfortunately that is not an option.   I cannot seem to post photos directly here.

I was hoping to fill this dent.  I already scuffed up the area.   My first thought was to use Bondo.  Does anyone else have any suggestions to repair this dent?

Thanks for any helpful advice.

Habanero Smoker

I was going to suggest using a dent removal tool, until I saw were the dent is. It might not work in that area. Bondo is a toxic substance, so I don't know how food safe it would be even after it is cured.

The other problem I'm seeing is that liquid is running from beneath the door. Most liquids that accumulate in the smoker should drain into the bowl. Make sure your smoker is level, and that you have the vent sufficiently opened.



If it's hard insulation it's probably and expanding spray foam. Chip the old stuff out,make your repair and re-insulate. If your concerned about it getting everywhere use a plastic bag in the void and fill the bag with the foam. Looks like that's what the factory did anyways.  Just go easy with the amount you use, it will expand a lot and could hydraulically push the cabinet out and make things worse. Less is more I would think