Newbie here, 2nd hand smoker, is this ok?

Started by atozey, May 12, 2020, 08:27:45 AM

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Hi all,

I purchased a second hand 6 rack a few years back now, it has been sat in the shed and never used until today. I made sure it was all working and seemed to be fine so I am in the process of cleaning it up. I am a little concerned as it seems this is paint that has been removed previously under the smoke stains.

Is this a real problem before I continue to clean any further? Pictures show this around the edges of the case and hole for the electronic unit.

Any advice really appreciated, I dont want to put my family in danger, thanks :)


I will work out how to add pictures  :o


It's definitely seen better days however there does not appear to be any paint on the interior of the cabinet. All I see is paint peeling and cracking on the exterior, particularly near any openings or the door frame and seal. Probably typical of an old and well used unit that had not been periodically cleaned and maintained.

I would use a mild detergent and soft scrub pad on the exterior surfaces and rinse it off well with water.  Pay close attention to the door frame where the seal rests when door is closed. You want it clean and smooth. I would clean the interior with some vinegar and water and a medium stiff brush. Just get the soot, smoke residue and dirt out. Again , rinse with water and let it air dry thoroughly. Wipe your door seal with a soft cloth and isopropyl alcohol until all the grime is off. Then give it a wipe with vegetable oil to refresh the rubber.

All in all, I don't think you have any serious concerns except cleaning and removing loose paint and residue . No soaps on interior if you can help it.

I'd watch that smoker closely during operation and make sure it is on a stable secure platform and well away from any structure, ( wooden decks, home siding and any other flammable objects). Ensure
your drip pan is full of water at all times and cleaned regularly. Do not allow foods to touch cabinet side walls as fat can run down the wall and pool in the bottom or worse run onto the element . As with any electrical appliance danger of fire is real. I never leave mine unattended for longer than an hour. Just my personal preference.

Good luck with it.
It's going to take a lifetime to smoke all this.

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Hi atozey;

Welcome to the forum.

There have been reports of paint blistering in the areas where the paint had been removed by the previous owner. That may be the case here, and the owner decided to remove the damaged paint. Also the previous owner may have had plans to repaint it, but decided to sell it, as it looks like the previous owner used a sander to clean  the side, and around the door frame. Just check periodically to see if blistering/flaking continues, and remove as necessary.

Other than than what Orion stated, the seasoning inside the cabinet looks good, and if you is not signs of mold, I would heat it at full temperature for about 10 - 15 minutes.



Thank you so much, I really appreciate the advice, I will follow your instructions and hopefully by the end of the day, i'll have my first meal from the smoker.