Is my bisquettes dispenser burning ?

Started by marcandrefortin, May 13, 2020, 05:46:21 PM

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Hello guys! I'm new here so I don't know how this forum really works. I've just used my smoker for the first time. I was just wondering if my bisquettes dispenser is working normally. On the left side of where the bisquettes burns, it looks like it's heating big time. It might just be fat that fell down. I can scratch it if I want but I just wanted to know if this is normal. I don't want it to burn !

Here's the link for a picture :

Thanks a lot !


Hello marcandrefortin and welcome to the forum. To me it looks like burnt residue from your bisquettes. I just scrape it off with a putty knife and wire brush the hot plate and the area to keep it nice and clean.


Thanks for the answer Edward, I appreciate !


You might take a peek and make sure the bisquettes are being pushed all the way onto the burner plate.


Quote from: TedEbear on May 13, 2020, 09:11:14 PM
You might take a peek and make sure the bisquettes are being pushed all the way onto the burner plate.

I don't think they are. Is there anyway I can solve this ?


This is a common issue and can be resolved. It requires some disassembly of the burner and chute and some modifications.

The puck shown in your photo appears to have found its way completely onto the burner but you will find that some do and some don't. It is the contact between the puck on the burner and the one waiting in line that causes the trailing puck to ignite too soon. It will smolder on the chute waiting its turn and deposits the soot and ash on to the chute making it rough and not ideal for the pucks to slide along during the smoke process. The build up of residue just gets worse and worse as each puck burns before reaching the burner. Some times the leading puck will straddle the burner plate and chute by about 1/4 inch and sit on an angle leading to uneven burning and still causing pre-ignition of the trailing puck.

Here is a link to a thread that details this issue and how to fix it. I made the changes and it improved puck burning on the burner and minimized the pre ignition of the trailing puck. I rarely have to clean the chute as the pucks are not burning on it anymore. Pucks burn far more efficiently now.
It's going to take a lifetime to smoke all this.