Biscuit recipe using pellet smoker pellets

Started by skigoldsboro, December 11, 2020, 12:08:52 PM

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Using pellet smoker pellets to make smoker biscuits
Bob Szczepanski 12/2020
The recipe that follows is a variation of the one previously posted on this forum. Instead of using relatively expensive sawdust, much less expensive and more readily available smoker pellets are used to further reduce the cost of making homemade biscuits to a little over a penny each.
8 oz. wood pellets, flavor of your choice or combinations
1 oz. potato starch
12 oz. hot tap water
1)   Measure out 8 oz. of pellets in a large bowl.
2)   Measure out 1 oz. of potato starch in a smaller bowl.
3)   Measure out 12 oz. of very hot tap water then pour the hot water in the bowl with the potato starch and mix until the starch is completely dissolved.
4)   Pour the hot water and starch mixture into the bowl with the pellets. Mix thoroughly until the pellets are dissolved and all the liquid is absorbed.
5)   Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and microwave on high for approximately 2 minutes and 30 seconds, stopping and mixing about halfway through.
6)   Use the hole saw mold combination described in the earlier post and put 1 oz (measured) of the dissolved pellet mixture in the mold, then compress in the vice.
7)   Repeat until you have made 18 biscuits. You should have about .4 oz of leftover pellet mixture to discard.
8)   Let the biscuits dry until they weigh no more than .5 oz each.
9)   Use as normal in the smoker.
These biscuits are .1 oz lighter that Bradley biscuits and will completely burn in the 20 minutes they spend on the burner.  Depending on the pellet flavor, they will cost about 1 to 5 cents each to make.


Thanks for the info, another great idea to try :) ;D


BTW Bob, Welcome to the Bradley Forum!!!! Keep the ideas coming....