BS611 with cold smoke adaptor kit

Started by jonlab22, December 12, 2020, 09:42:20 AM

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Hi everyone,

I just bought Bradley Smoker Cold Smoke Adapter Kit (BCOLD) with my Bradley Smoker Original 4 Rack Electric Smoker (BS611) but I'm not sure how it works. I know how to install it, but how can he make smoke if the element to burn Bisquettes was inside the other box?? Do I need something else ?

I'm looking everywhere on website, forum, youtube and I can't find my answer

Thanks for your help


The cold smoke adapter kit BCOLD should consist of three parts that are used to attach to an original BS, think there may be an additional bit for use if connecting to a digital?

Firstly the cold smoke box itself to which the smoke generator is attached and in which you also put the water tray. Secondly a length of aluminium flexible hosing through which the smoke passes from the cold smoke box to the main unit housing the food and thirdly a plate that attaches this hose to this main unit where the smoke generator itself would normally sit. There should also be instructions included on how to set it up and clamps for attaching each end of the hose itself?

Only the smoke generator needs electrical power so the puck burner can produce smoke, the main unit is just used as a food box with no power requirement and the heater element off.

Do you have the flexible hosing in the kit you bought?



Thanks for your response manxman, I just saw my mistake ::)

I thought the bisquette dispenser just dispensing and not heating them. I thought the heating element in main unit was the one who burn to make smoke.
I'm sorry and I'm a little ashamed not see it before

Thanks for your help


No worries just pleased you are sorted  :)

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Hi jonlab22;

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What foods are you going to be cold smoking?



Hello jonlab22 and welcome to the Forum.