Using a smoker tube in the Bradley

Started by Misseem, January 02, 2021, 09:57:36 AM

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I find the Bradley pucks pretty expensive and would like info on using a pellet smoking tube in the smoker.What's you experience and what mods might. be necessary.

PS:  Already did the 900 was and new PID mods.


A few years ago, there was a shortage of Bradley pucks.  I read on here about something called an A-MAZE-N pellet tube.  I ordered their 12" model and I have been using it in my Bradley ever since.  They make several shapes and sizes.  The 12" version gives me about 4 hours of smoke, although you do not have to fill it completely full if you want less smoking time.  A 20# bag of pellets lasts me well over a year and costs a fraction of the cost of the pucks.

No modifications needed.  I place my tube on the lip of the water bowl, near the door.


I have been doing the same. Works very well.

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Same here, The Amazing Smoker tray sit perfectly in the smoker beside the water pan. I remove my Smoke Generator and have a 1/4" thick wooden plate, drilled a bunch of 1/2" holes in it,  covering the opening. Works great ....


I just posted as newbie but will add here, I used a 1 Gal Paint Screen available at Lowes , folded legs down and formed it around the tube, works great, allows full airflow all around tube, hope this helps someone also. Forgot to add Its Aluminum. Item #0323862



Question to everybody out here. Do you guys leave your smoke generator attached when using your A-Maze-N smoker tube or trays? I remove mine and attached a piece of 3/16" sheet of wood to block the opening. That created a problem of insufficient oxygen supply during smoking. It would extinguish the smoldering pellets and I'd have to keep relighting them. So I drilled several 1/2" holes into the cover and it seems to work now. Just wondering what everyone else experiences is. 


I leave the smoke generator attached but mainly because I have a PID controller installed inside it, which regulates the heat in the cabinet.


Ah, thank you TedEbear. My PID isn't attacked to my Smoke Generator so I just leave it plugged in and sitting beside my smoker. 


Left mine on, it didn't allow much smoke to escape plus my car loves the smell of smoke anyway ( my unit is in garage vented outside with Gas Water Heater plumbing, ).Keep all grease cleaned out , No Probs yet. Runs cool like a dream.