Started by manfromplaid, December 24, 2020, 10:17:58 AM

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would like to take this moment and send best wishes to all the members new and old. I hope you have a as happy as can be Christmas and that our new year is better then the last. may 2021 be full of promise and prosperity to us all.

Habanero Smoker

Hi Jeff;

Thanks for the well wishes. I hope that everyone is healthy, and makes the best; as much as they can, of this holiday season.

2021 looks as if it will be a better year.

Also I'm doing something that I've always been wanting to do, and that is to channel my inner Scrooge. I'm going to cook a goose for Christmas dinner. Due to the weather for today and tomorrow, yesterday I cold smoked it for 2:40 hours with apple wood. Tightly wrapped it and placed it in my fridge. I will roast it in my oven tomorrow.



a goose sounds awesome. I spatchcocked a 15 lb turkey and did it up in my pellet pooper this morning.  happy holiday to you and yours.


Christmas best wishes from across the pond and hopefully a better and more prosperous 2021.

In addition to turkey also got a 17lb bone on rib roast in the oven which should keep us going a while! :) My smoked offering this year is some home cured and cold smoked whisky glazed salmon.


Thanks for the well wishes guys, and a very Merry Christmas from Canada. May the New Year bring health, happiness and prosperity to one and all.
Merry Christmas!!