Beeping and "E1" error message

Started by gulkamit, December 28, 2020, 08:35:43 AM

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Hi, I just got this 4 rack bradley digital smoker and I went to start it up and it immediately starts beeping, giving me an "E1" error message. I've read that this has to do with the sensor cable not being connected properly but I've tried switching around and unplugging and plugging the sensor cable back in several times as well as the other cables. I did briefly run the smoker for an hour just a few days ago just to test it out and it worked fine then. I do live in Canada so its roughly -6 celsius outside right now and I'm wondering if it may be the cold, though I haven't been able to find any information about whether the smoker can run in cold weather. Any ideas for what to try next are much appreciated, thanks.

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Hi gulkamit;

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It seems that you did most of the trouble shooting for this error. You should also make sure that there is nothing blocking that connection ie: loose particles, dust. Try using a piece of steel wool or super fine sandpaper to clean the ends of your sensor cable works well.

Also; while the generator is on and the "E1" error is displayed and beeping, check the connection by wiggling one side of the connection up and down and left to right, and then the other side. If the "E1" message temporally goes away while you were wiggling one side, you need a new sensor connector. If you have a bad sensor contact Bradley.

The -6°C would still be in the operating range of the generator, unless the generator was left overnight in an unheated area and the generator got much colder. Usually you can just bring the generator indoors to warm up a bit. When you did your test run a few days ago, do you recall if you brought the smoker up higher than 280°F (138°C)?