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Started by suckitup, May 14, 2021, 12:30:49 PM

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Hi everyone, I am a newbie having just purchased an Original Bradley Smoker.  Haven't even used it yet as some family members are quarantining at the moment.  I have a quick question:  what is a good meat thermometer to purchase?  two probes or four?  I will also search on here as I get accustomed to this forum...regards everyone.

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Hi Suckitup;

Welcome to the forum.

For a thermometer to monitor the meat, a two probe thermometer is a good choice, but if a four probe if not much more expensive than a two probe; that would be better. You will want at least one probe for the meat, and another probe to monitor the meat and cabinet temperatures.

There are many on the market, and depending on your price range the more costly the more functions and accuracy you have. I've lost track of the newer models out there, but for my personal choice the Thermoworks Smoke, Smoke X2, Smoke X4, or Signal would be a good choice. The Smoke and Signal can be monitored by your smart phone. Though I would contact Thermoworks to see if they still make the Smoke. The Signal either works by Bluetooth or by the wi-fi network. The Smoke X2 and X4 operate by radio frequency that is transmitted to a receiver you can carry. They are more expense than most BBQ thermometers out on the market, but are very dependable, and easy to operate. The probes are well built, water resistant, and easy to replace. They take the pro series probes, so you can purchase extra or different types of probes.

If you purchase from them get on their email list for some great promotions. They just had an email promotion of 25% off any one item. Now they have a 15% off your entire order.




Greetings fellow Manitoban and welcome to the forum :)