Author Topic: Topic: Door on OBS 6 rack not fully opening and need suggestions, please!  (Read 2813 times)

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Hi, does the OBS 6 rack door normally swing open fully?  On mine, the bottom right corner plastic door trim snags against the corner of the smoker wall by about 2 mm when the door opens to about a 130 degree arc from fully closed.  The plastic door trim is part of the bottom hinge point.  There is no adjustment possible.  The door cannot completely open fully and can damage the hinge point if opened too hard.  Do any others have this issue and any suggestions?   Links to 2 images are below and 1 of the images shows the door is opened as far as it can without damage.  Thanks
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The hinges on my OBS broke and/or kept popping out of the holes.  I eventually got tired of that and replaced them with some regular door hinges from Home Depot.  A little grinding off the sharp corners, some priming and painting and they look OK and work pretty well.