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Started by Smoking Don, November 19, 2021, 06:53:43 AM

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Smoking Don

So I'm looking to purchase smoker and would like to make the right purchase. I don't mind spending little more to be able to have smoker I'm satisfied with!
I will start by saying have been thinking about purchasing one for few years. This is mainly do to the fact that every November we take our deer to get garlic sausage and variety of other meats made.
Just tired of talking our meat somewhere where it gets mixed in 100 lb bucket with everyone else's deer and then you get your percentage of sausage out of that bucket!

Now I also want to use it in summer months also for doing variety of cooking on. Chicken, pork shoulders ect.
My concern is November in Manitoba can be anywhere from 0c(32f) to -20c(-4f)

I have seen issues on this forum in regards to smoking in colder temperatures being problematic!
Seems with 6 rack digital I would have to upgrade burner element? Extra cost involved.

Wondering if the P10 would work better option in these conditions?
I like fact of using Bradley for it's convenient factor.
Also wondering if tiny insulated shed built around it for winter smoking would make sense?
Your thoughts and experiences would be greatly appreciated!


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Habanero Smoker

Hi Don;

Welcome to the forum.

I avoid recommending any product. I can offer you my experience I've had with the P10, and the Old Bradley Smoker that has been modified with a second element, that provides 1000w plus about another 125w from the bisquette burner (this modification I use a third party temperature controller). The P10 will not function if the outdoor temperature is -10°C. So there may be days you may not be able to use it during the winter. But if the temperature is -9°C or higher it has enough power to easily maintain temperatures of 121°C. Just make sure you protect it from the wind. I find it almost impossible to cold smoke with it, and smoking sausage and bacon may be a challenge. Keep in mind I haven't attempted to cold smoke with ambient temperatures no lower than -1°C.

As for a modified digital or Old Smoker models, you should not have any problems smoking/cooking in those temperatures. I'm not sure of the operating range, but I believe it is more tolerant to lower outdoor temperatures. This set up still give you the option to cold smoke. Just remember if you modify your smoker you will void your warranty.

An insulated shed would definitely help.  If you search this forum you will find a few designs. Some have converted a plastic storage shed to house their smoker.


Smoking Don

Thanks Hab!
Pretty new to all this but after googling cold smoke temperatures they are pretty low from what I read 20c- 30c.
I was planning on having sausage cooked coming of smoker.

I probably would only this smoker for short time in the winter till venison sausage was made.
So not sure if cold smoking would be something I would take advantage of.

But plan on using snooker lot more in spring,summer and fall days for trying different smoked foods!

So if I was to buy 6 rack digital seems like would probably need the upgrade?
But P10 already has 1000 watt burner.
So wouldn't the upgrade amount to about same price as P10?
Or is there something else I'm missing?
Probably not interested in cold smoking option?

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cathouse willy

Welcome Don.
Look for a smoker that can cold smoke as an option. Some smokers here have changed their minds about cold smoking,I'm one of them.

Habanero Smoker

I agree with Cathouse Willy, cold smoking is something you don't think you need until you can't do it.

Many users are using the digital without an upgrade, and are satisfied with it. You are dealing with 500w element plus 125w bisquette burner, so it takes longer to cook your food.

The P10 has two 400w elements, plus another 200w when the generator is turned on. Since you are not interested in cold smoking the P10 will work for you, but I've even found it difficult to hot smoke with the P10 (38°C - 83°F). This makes it difficult to smoke sausage, and/or bacon. If your main interest is to smoke/cook foods at barbecue temperatures the P10 would be a better choice of the two different models. You could probably cold smoke in the P10 if you use a smoking device such as the A-MAZE-N pellet-smoker, though I'm not satisfied with the smoke flavor these pellets produce.


Smoker John

Welcome to the forum Don. I have a 4 rack digital with no mods & it struggles to maintain temp in any type of cool/cold weather.  Some wrap a welding blanket or shelter, blocking wind certainly helps. The 6 rack has more area to heat & uses the same element as the smaller 4 rack so the struggle will be real.
Habs I wasn't aware the the P10 didn't function at -10c or lower temps, thanks for that info, I was considering one of those but not likely, I like to smoke in the winter as well.
Bradley Digital 4 Rack
Bradley BS712

Habanero Smoker

I was also surprised about that temperature. According to the manual, if the sensor detects -9°C or lower it will not power on. Fortunately it doesn't get that cold that frequently in the area of New York that I live. It may dip down that low overnight, but warms up during the day. So at times that may restrict overnight cooks. Our coldest period is mid-January through mid-February.



Greeting fellow Manitoban and welcome to the forum. I have the 6 rack digital and did the second element mod a couple years ago. I also have the PID and haven't looked back!! Love my smoker and smoke right up to Christmas, and then let it rest till April. I do have it in the garage though and just vent the exhaust out the man door, In the cold the only serious issue I find is the smoke condensates and turns into black rain, and can drip back onto your food.