Heating element/fan upgrade, but stock controller question.

Started by ajheiman27, April 04, 2022, 07:57:31 AM

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Hi All,

Inherited a (free!) 6-rack digital, and like everyone else, upgraded the heating. (I opted for the 900w Tempco). While I'm definitely happier with the mod, I still have an issue to rectify.

My model is 2012 so it has the old sensor style (coin appearance). My temp swings are around 30 degrees and the smoker is, at most, 250 on the fireboard when the generator thinks it's 280. I can deal with it to a certain extent, but I can't help but want more out of the smoker.

My question is this: Does anyone run the heating element with the NTC version stock generator controller, or a circulation fan with the stock controller for that matter?  If so, how is the performance? I'd like to get upgrade my generator to the new version to get some better performance, but prefer to keep the stock aesthetics if I can. (long story) I only want to make the jump to the Auber if I absolutely have to. I'm hoping the NTC version is significantly better than the old original sensor.

Thank you all!

Habanero Smoker

Hi ajheiman27;

I can't answer your question, but suggest before you look into purchasing a new generator, you may want to take a look at the many types of electric heat controllers that are on the market for electric smoker. There are many on the market, the brand that most members on the forum use is a plug & play Auber PID model.



Thanks Habanero.

I've done a good amount of research here on the forum before making the post. Ultimately, I chose this route because I just don't want more wires and probes more than I already have using my Fireboard, let alone having another box sitting next to the smoker. If I can make the stock components (+ upgraded element) work in an acceptable fashion, then that's a win for me. That being said... I'm not complete closed off to the idea of the Auber PID, especially since the bisquettes I also inherited will run out quickly with my smoking habits  ;). At that point I may switch to a more economical smoke tube and pellet setup. Then there would definitely no longer be the need for the generator.


Now that I think about it... a more accurate question would simply be: does any have experience with both the original coin sensor version and the newer NTC version generator, and if it's a noticeable difference between the two?