P10…….$ 1000.00 question?

Started by tvp, May 05, 2022, 05:40:58 PM

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Looking at upgrading my Bradley digital 4 rack smoker to the new P10 unit, but Seams like there are some design or manufacturer issues with this model.From the forum it seams like there are a number of issues that have not been resolved yet.....is it too early to buy the P10 .....should I wait and continue using the Digital 4 rack ??

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Hi tvp,

Welcome to the forum.

I don't give advice on to when or if one should purchase a product. I can only provide information so that you can make a more informed decision.

First Bradley does have a current promotion; 15% off anything ordered from them online. I've had the P10 for almost 2 years, and have not had any mechanical problems; except for a jammed bisquette, and I can add that removing the screws from the turntable to do repairs and maintenance is difficult.

Since I've had mine, Bradley has made some upgrades in software, and to the electronics. So I may be comparing apples to oranges. Bradley has great customer service, but my complaint with them is when there seems to be a "wide spread" problem they won't share that information with their customers, and will work internally to resolve the problem. And this leads to a lot of frustration with the customer base. So there may have been a batch of P10's that were manufactured with bad sensors.

Keep in mind that many new members come to this forum because they experience a problem; less so than those that are pleased with their product. Is there a problem "Yes"!! How wide spread is it, I don't know. I can tell you that when the P10 is running properly, it works well. If something goes bad, Bradley Customer service with work with you to fix the problem. Though paying that much for a smoker, it can be very frustrating when it is not working right.



Thanks for the reply , I guess I'm trying to figure out if Bradley has made changes to address the issues that members on this form have stated , pucks getting stuck.....control panel .....shipping dented units.....sensors shutting the unit off etc......

It looks like a great design and love the idea of software upgrades....was going to order on line to take advantage of 15% off this weekend.....but a little concerned that Bradley has not reacted to the issues