BS611 vs the digital model

Started by hatteraspk, January 28, 2023, 05:37:57 AM

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I have had a lot of issues and repairs with my (second) BS611 (But when it's working properly it puts out fantastic product) I have replaced the door, heater bar twice, rewired sensor. now the controller is not working! I have a option at looking at a used digital model  anybody have any thoughts on these units operating better?

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I don't have any direct experience to compare the two models. Though your end product will taste the same.

If the used digital is in good shape, and you are getting a good deal on it, you may want to purchase it rather than to continue putting money in your old BS611. I don't know what types of winters you have, these units are digital, and will not operate under a certain ambient temperature. Also you will need to be more careful of protecting the generator (controller) from moisture.

Just keep in mind during operation, that these units have 20 degree fluctuation range, which should not effect the cooking of most foods.