Older Black Bradley Upgrades, Auber Controler and Quick Question

Started by jaydeestude, January 29, 2023, 01:44:58 PM

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Just completing repairs and upgrades to my older black Bradley.  Added Tempco 900 watt element with new reflector from Bradley.  Also, I added a stainless plate, about 1/16", as a heat shield between the element and the back wall (photo attached).  Am adding a set of rear feet to the front to take the weight off the plastic front piece (which I have to repair some cracks in).  Am using an Auber WSD-1200GPH dual probe PID controller.  First test with the Auber I started at 120 degrees, then to 190 and finally to 225.  After a little overshoot and fall back from the 120 set temp it finally locked in at 120 and stayed at 119-120.  Increasing to 190 it started up quickly and then slowed till it reached 190 then cycled on and off and and stayed at 190 without any variation.  Increasing to 225 was same result as the 190, very pleased.  Now the question, will this continuous on and off power to regulate the temp have any detrimental affect on the heating element?
Tried to attach photo of how I added heat shield but couldn't get to work.

Habanero Smoker

I have the Stoker; which is a PID; that regulates my old Bradley, and it had no negative effect on my heating elements. I have not seen any postings from anyone who has installed the 900 watt element that  a PID controller had shorten its life usage or damaged the 900 watt element.

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