Smoked eggs: raw or boiled (shell or no shell)

Started by smokin_jer, February 02, 2023, 03:03:14 PM

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I just heard that smoked eggs are great!
I looked through various recipes here and on the web.

Some people place raw eggs in the smoker while others boil them first. If they're boiled first, some folks peel and smoke, others just place on smoker with shells

What's the best way in your opinion?



Hello smokin_jer

I tried this a few years ago.
I made 2 diferent brines and results were the same for both.
Not very much smokey flavor.
Hope this helps you.

Smoked Pickled Eggs

4       C.    Apple Cider Vinegar
1       C.    Water
   ½    C.    Brown sugar
3          fresh, smoked jalapeno peppers
1          smoked large red onion
3          cloves smoked garlic, coarsely chopped
1    ½   T.    Pickling Salt
1       t   Pickling Spice

I brought everything but the eggs to a boil, covered and let simmer for 10 minutes.  I cold-smoked the eggs, jalapenos, garlic & onions for 2 hours using apple.
The eggs & sausages got 5 days to bloom in the fridge in zip-locs while the jalapenos, garlic & onions had 2 days.
Each jar got 18 eggs.

4       C.    Pickling Vinegar
1       C.    Water
   ½    C.    Sugar
3          fresh, smoked jalapeno peppers
1          smoked large red onion
3          cloves smoked garlic, coarsely chopped
1    ½   T.    Pickling Salt
1       t   Pickling Spice

cathouse willy

I hard boil and peel my eggs for smoking, that said you won't get much smoke flavor on the eggs with the shells on and peeled raw egss will be messy.


re smoked eggs

Forgot to mention I hard boiled the eggs and peeled them.

Habanero Smoker

I agree. You definitely need to boil the eggs, and peel them prior to smoking. If you are going to hot smoke the eggs, you may want to consider cooking your eggs a few minutes less then you usually do, before you peel them and put them in the smoker.

Smoking shelled raw eggs will not get you much, if any smoke flavor. I tried this in my Bradley after seeing an Alton Brown show on how to hard "boil" eggs in the oven. The eggs will cook evenly, so if you have some room in your smoker place a few eggs on the rack and give it a try. If you are doing a long cook, it will provide you a nice snack while you wait for the brisket or butt to get done. They will be done in 45 - 60 minutes.

Just For Fun - Hard "Boiled Eggs"



Hard boiled, peeled and cold smoked is my method but not done any for a while.... Makes nice egg mayonnaise as well.  :)


Boil the eggs first for about 10 minutes, then peel them and place them in the smoker for 30-60 minutes at 225°F.