Bradley smoker wont feed with more then 10 pucks in the stack

Started by instrumentek, January 16, 2024, 06:33:11 AM

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I inherited an older Bradley smoker.Timer works well and it feeds properly as long as I don't put more then 10 pucks in the stack. As soon as i do the motor starts stalling and reversing mid stroke. Can these motors go weak over time? Are newer motors upgraded to have more torque? I have tried the following:

- FULL disassembly and cleaning
- motor has a solid 110VAC while running
- lubricating the slide and pucks with vegetable oil (this helped but did not solve)

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Hi instrumentek;

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You didn't mention which Bradley you have, but since you mentioned a timer, I'm guessing you have a digital model.

These motors have known to wear down over time. The gears are plastic, and will wear down or teeth will break off.  The weight of too many bisquettes could be causing a weak motor to not advance your bisquettes.  You may be able to get a replacement motor from Bradley. You can also check Yard & Pool, they carry a limited supply of Bradley parts.

Other things to look at, is to make sure your bisquette chute is straight, and that you did not insert it too far into the generator. If you remove the chute from the generator, and run your finger around the hole were the chute inserts into the generator, you will feel a "rim". Do not insert the chute past that rim.

Another possibility is that the guide rails may be out of alignment. Check to see if you see any scrape marks along the side rails. If you do you need to align the guide rails. Do a search for "guide rails" to find instructions.

Finally, do not use vegetable oil as a lubricant. Vegetable oils tend to become gooey and sticky, when exposed to air a long time. It would be better to use a mineral oil.