Smoke generator fuse

Started by meniscuspenitent, May 30, 2024, 07:15:48 PM

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I am trying to check the fuse on the smoke generator and I am having an issue.  First the external know on the back that I needed to turn to get to thr fuse broke in many pieces when I tried to turn it.  Secondly after I removed the cover I to access the fuse container I cannot remove the cap.  I dont want to break even more..  How does it come off?

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Hi meniscuspenitent,

Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear about your problem.

I don't have the digital, but I'm guessing you are speaking of the 10-amp glass fuse and holder. If the cap is broke, it may be hard to find a seller to just sell you a cap, and some caps are different. Some have threads and others have slots that only require a quarter turn, once the cap is inserted.

It would be best if you replace the entire fuse holder. If the cap shattered while removing it, the rest of the plastic body of the fuse holder may be just as deteriorated. If the plastic has deteriorated, Bradley may want to know about that issue.

You will need a 10-amp glass fuse holder. It would be best to get it from Bradley, to make sure you have the proper connectors, but you should be able to find them on line or at an auto parts store. Just make sure the length, amperage, and connectors match.

Replacing the fuse holder should be a simple task, though you may be working in cramped corners. Since you got the cover off, there should only be a plastic nut holding the fuse holder in place. Note how the wires are attached, then detach the wires, unscrew that plastic nut, and remove the holder. That area may be difficult to get to, but you should be able to get to it with pliers, or needle nose pliers.