the new 6 rack Bradley

Started by wahoo, September 09, 2006, 07:21:16 AM

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I just bought the new 6 rack digital ,I also have the old original at my bayhouse, the new digital i used for the first time yesterday and it seemed liked my burner plate and oven element were on the timer and would shut off after 4 hours. can these timers be bi-passed?


West Coast Kansan

Not real sure about your question.  The plate and oven are on timers. The time is adjustable for each using the push button and arrow keys. On power up the default time is 4 hours on each the burner and oven. The default oven temp target setting is 280F (also adjustable) with push button and arrow key. ??

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I also just bought a new 6 rack digital.  Getting ready to do the first butt Sunday.  I seasoned the box per instructions in the manual.  As West Coast mentioned, adjusted the timer on both wood burner and oven for 1 hour.  Unit shut down right on queue and each puck dropped at the 20 minuted mark.
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I notice that when I turn the puck burner on it automatically goes to 4 hours.  You then use the up/down arrow to change the amount of time.  If you delay pushing the up/down arrow it then sets for whatever time is shown.  To change it you push the time button again and immediately hit the up/down button to achieve the correct amount of time you want.... - Mike