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Started by whitetailfan, February 10, 2007, 08:58:57 AM

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Not much of an accesory, but I've been thinking of putting lines on the inside of my puck tube, so I know:
1)How much time I have left worth of pucks
2)Verify that the pucks are dropping and moving

Today while I was advancing the first three, my pile stuck in the tube and were not dropping.  A quick tap fixed the problem, but if that happened mid-smoke, I would not know, but with lines I could easily tell by the time, where the top of the pile ought to be.

I was thinking of white paint, but I wondered if a tire marker or glass marker would work here.  It would be a bit cleaner to work with, but it might rub away after a few uses.

Any thoughts?  An engraver would work as well, but not easy to see at quick glance....
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How about one of those white paint style makers. They usually have a small marble in them & require shaking. I know you can get them at most stationary stores.


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Great Idea on the tube lines.  I might try a temporary solution using colored elect. tape of I can get it to stick well enough with causing more jams.

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Another idea would be to use automotive pin stripping.
We use this for marking legal size limits somewhere in the boat for fishing.


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Little number decals are available at hobby stores and come in lots of colors... they stick pretty good too.

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How about some white out
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If you put the lines on the outside of the tube, you won't have to worry about the material haning up the pucks not that I think it would.  The real question is what happened to cause your pucks to hang up in the first place?  Did you happen to notice before the love tap?
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This has happened to me on a few occassions. Either it was do to me not loading the bisquettes correctly, one was on an angle and jammed. I had to unload all the bisquettes on top of the jammed one to fix it. Another time it was a "warp" bisquette.

Now I count the number of bisquettes showing when I check the BS, but sometime I forget the number. Your solution, of marking the tube sounds like a good idea.



you can use some small reflective tape strips so when you use a flashlight at night it will show up good too :)
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