Author Topic: Your Favorite Chili Recipe  (Read 12860 times)

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Re: Your Favorite Chili Recipe
« Reply #30 on: September 25, 2004, 07:30:26 pm »
Sorry I was not going to reply...came to post about Jeanne...

All I can say is the tears are hot... it is so good to have friends here... Thank You All~~ Bill I think I can say I love you too...

On to smokin' good eating.  Storm or no storm I'm doing sauage next week-end.

BTW You all are going to hate my mini-gas grill. It works when the power is off. Got it hooked up to 20 pound bottle of gas [:D] The heck with those 14 ounce bottles. I will post pictures of this hurricane cooker next week.  

In Florida I would say never leave home without it~~~

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