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Started by winemakers, March 16, 2007, 01:10:15 PM

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How do you guys sharpen your meat grinder knives?  The rear face (inward toward meat) of mine is rounded, while the side facing the grinder plate is ground flat.

Should I file the leading edge using the base of the curve as a guide, the flatten the square face?

dull knife smears, overworks motor, and generally doesnt work for beans. >:(



Take a piece of wet / dry sand paper and lay it on a flat surface. Put some mineral oil on it and put the flat side of the blade that faces the plate down. Rub in a circular motion until sharp again. You can do this on larger type sharpening stones also. The blade is rounded in back so the meat passes over it better. The front blade cutting surface should lay perfectly flat on the plate. Make sure the fastening ring is real snug each time before you start grinding. Some blades are reversable and need to be sharpened on both sides. Hope this helps out winemakers. Have a good week end. :)


thanks, as soon as the garage heater fires up I'll give it a try.