Running up Post count... Vote Closes March 19 2010

Started by icerat4, May 02, 2007, 03:33:35 PM

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  Ah Shoot I thought the more you post the more prizes you win ??? I thought when you hit 100 you win a BB gun or something, I just enjoy the friendship and it sure is a learning experience, with everyones techniques, and know how! Like one wise man said if you can't stand the heat stay out of the kitchen.... ;)
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Thanks guys.Now its your turn.Dont turn to me to be a spokes person here as i am not a mod.I have now decided to leave this fourm for a while as i need to.So until later you guys stay cool and hope to join up again when i get past this rediculious crap post.That had nothing to do with me.Never again will this happen to me as i will be shutting down my pms.There anyone else want to speak up now.Just what i thought.I wont give out names here as i do not want to start a war so once again thanks alot and take care wild read your pm please thanks again.

Just another weekend with the smoker...

Tiny Tim

Running up post count?  Who'd do something like that.  The nerve!!!!!!!!

By the way, I sincerely hope that I didn't cause any feathers to be ruffled by my admission on another thread.  If I did, I truly am sorry.


Quote from: icerat4 on May 03, 2007, 07:34:01 AM
..... i will be shutting down my pms......

Dang....what I would have given to hear those words 25 years ago from my loving wife of the last 35 years!  ;) ;D


Now that is funny.i didnt look at it that way but very cute.kudos kummok

Just another weekend with the smoker...


Well personaly i don't give a ***t! about post counts, as Wildcat said they just show how active members are, or have been on the forum.

My take on it is this, lot's of great people here, some more experienced than others, but all great people just the same.
I think we all look at each other as friends, as we all have at least one thing in common....the Bradley. However i think it goes a bit further than that at this forum/community, we all like to share a joke and some banter, and help each other as best we can, we even try and lift each others spirits when feeling down, and we are drawn to this forum on a regular basis, and why not? it's a great place to be a part of.

Sometimes 1 smiley replies are all that is needed to get a point accross, just like in conversation when somebody does a 1 liner.
I use smileys a lot as i think it's a bit of fun to brighten things up, sometimes i'll reply with a smiley or a few smileys, depending on the point i'm trying to make.

I'm an admin of another forum, and 1 smiley replies are common over there just like many other forums, so no big deal for me ::)

I think the amosphere is the main thing, and this place has plenty of that, i have received lot's of help and advice here, and i have also given help and advice to others here, that's what it's all about.

Enjoy the friendship, the pics, the food, the knowledge just about everything,.......but............don't take it all too seriously

to all.........LilSmoker
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Icerat4, as a personal favor to me and many others here, don't leave this forum.  You know your smoke and we still need your assistance.  I can understand your frustration with regards to being a messenger, I have been one myself before.  I still consider you a friend and a valuable mentor.
Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth.

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Mr Walleye


I also agree with Wildcat, LilSmoker and the others, It just indicates some are more active than others. I for one would be very disappointed if you stayed away Icerat! I sure hope you reconsider. Your knowledge and humor is greatly appreciated. I think it's the vast array of people, their opinions and their backgrounds that make this place so good. Forgive and forget, water under the bridge, life's too short and so on, all come to mind here.


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Seriously...  What difference does it make?  I am baffled why anyone would  (A.) Pay attention to someone else's post count or (B.)   Feel the need to comment on it for ANY reason.

I suppose if the posts some are deeming "unnecessary" were some how disruptive, I could understand why it might bear mentioning.  Do some folks feel it cheapens their status when others achieve the same status with so called bogus posts?

I don't know...  seems silly!  Lets talk about food!


Don't sweat it guys.  I may be wrong, but my guess is that there are some VERY experienced smokers on this forum that look at the status ranking as an indication of their abilities and/or indication of their assistance to others in perfecting anothers smoking abilities.  (Of course compliments or encouragement do not count) It is possible that inexperienced newbies (not the experienced newbies) may look at the status of someones post and be misled.  Or it could be that some of the folks are upset that someone with less abilities or knowledge (in reality or perceived) is reaching the same "important status" as they have (vanity).  I can understand these things easily enough.  I also feel that there is a simple remedy.  Create another status (Expert) and set it up so that only the true experts are in this category and can get into it (as well as the other catagories) by having a panel to vote them in instead of how active they are.  With luck, the good ole boy (buddy) system will not come into play and only the experts will get into that catagory.  I personally could care less what my ranking level is.  I have simply posted a lot.  Some of it very short.  They can put me back into the newbie listing if they want.  I DO care about people and friendship.  I want help when I need it, and I want to pass on my experiences and what I have learned from others.

I commend Icerat4 for having the guts to be the messenger in this case and hope the "others" that used him in this fashion have not caused us to lose what I consider to be an "Expert" on this forum.  It hurts me that this has troubled Rat to this extent.  He is a good man with a big heart.
Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth.

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Tiny Tim

Very well stated, Wildcat.

I feel that I am the one that started all of this crap by my replies to SKSmoker yesterday.  In those replies, I was trying to be funny, and at the same time have him create something new to share with us either because it was good, or to warn us against trying it.

My apologies to anybody who may have been offended.


Tiny - I have not seen that post and will try to look it up, but based on my conversations with Icerat, I doubt that is what started this.  I really do not think there is truely a problem here.  Some guilty feelings perhaps.
Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth.

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Ok Folks,....
If post count, counts then I'm top dog of this pile.  Post count don't mean D I C K to me. My count is high because of doing the recipe site. It is high because the old posting board was not as easy as this board to use and I ended up helping many members out.  I bet in real postings you could cut my count in half to equal food content postings.

I've been on so many gaming sites that there are many that will spam a board just to drive up the count. Who cares? In my mind there are reason members driving up a count... one is just for fun and I've seen threads in the 10 of thousands of postings where member are having fun try to out post each other.

As Posted here, a smile is a good post at times. A one liner may not add much but it shows that a member is active. These are the important items IMO. 

So with all that said and done... I hope you all enjoy the next ten postings....

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