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Started by wicz, May 09, 2007, 03:24:19 PM

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What is everyone using for a stand for a their Bradley?  Did you make it or did you buy it?  If you bought something, where at?


I've been thinkin' about makin' a stand with a side shelf or two...but right now, I use a Black & Decker Work Mate.
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Folding table from Sam's here.
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I welded up my own nothing fancy, but I have a few more ideas to add to it someday ;)



I use a metal wheeled cart my neighbor gave me

But when my wife leaves for Florida this sunday i am going to build me a BS house Yeah one of them thar new plastic outhouses would werk great, But its going to be wood. I'll prob get the again.

Just gotta figure out how close i want it to the house.



I use anything that's close by, if i'm smoking in the garage, it goes on the bench, if outside i use a couple of trestles, or one of the wife's garden tables ;D
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I had purchased what I thought was a stainless steel  wire 3 shelf cart from Sam's Club for about $50.00. It was close to being the right height (top shelf 30 inches above the ground), but after continuous storage out side, it is almost covered completely with rust.

Over the last 18 months I've been thinking of building a cabinet for it. I've finally decided on a "rough" final design, and I'm in the process of building it. Since I keep thinking of things to add to the cabinet, and with no plans; other than a rough cabinet draft; I may have it finished by the end of June :)

What every chart you buy or build, I figuring the ideal height would be 28 inches above the floor, but I wouldn't go any higher then 30 inches.



That may depend on how tall or short one is!  ;D
Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth.

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4'x2' folding resin/plastic utility table. Bought from Home Depot for $20.00 (blemished w/small crack). Glad I got what I did because whatever you use will tend to get a lot of sh*t spilled, dripped, basted, misted, etc. on it.


I use an old discarded projector cart from a school.  Has three lower level shelves and two doors that close to protect and keep things dust free. It has large wheels for easy moving and very heavy construction.
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I also use a folding table from Sam's...  I need something else!  2 reasons, 1. the table isnt sturdy enough and the smoker doesnt sit level, and 2. I pulled a hot puck of the smoker burner and tossed it on the table forgetting it it was plastic and made a nice burnt/melt spot right in the middle of it.

I actually want to build a permentant station in my garage with a vent hood, was thinkinng I would use an old piece of countertop or something like that...  a material that can take spills and a bit of heat without melting.


I built a table for my OBS from assorted wood I had topped with a countertop salvaged from a bar remodel. it is 5 feet wide, 2 feet deep, 3 feet tall on castors. The extra width gives me room for resting the racks and platters when filling the racks. It also has a lower shelf for storing boxes of bisquits and other miscelany. Cup hooks around the peremiter under the top for hanging oven mitts, rib racks and tools. This brings up my only complaint about the Bradley, the door swings the wrong way! I have the smoke generator hanging over the edge giving me that extra foot of counter space but the door opens toward the free space. I wish it were built like a refridgerator where the door could be turned around.

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I also brew beer........In my beer brewing days I had to build a very sturdy stand made of 2x4s and plywood.  As it turns out the width of the stand is about .5 less than the width of my new DBS.  So it looks like I am good to go.