Which smoker for large cuts (pork & deer legs)?

Started by chefwing, May 12, 2007, 10:03:58 PM

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I need to smoke pork and/or deer legs but several at the same time. Legs are big, 6 to 8 pounds. Which smoker is required or recommended?

Thanks in advance


Hi Chefwing and welcome.  Are you smoking the whole leg, or a joint, bone in (knee to shoulder); or something else? For what type of meal?  Are you planning on carving the meat, pulling it off in chunks...?

If your goal is volume, I wonder if some other rig might be better suited to your purpose.  If your question is geared more to which Bradley model should you consider for this type of project, it sounds like you could use a six rack.   I've done a whole 9# bone in pork shoulder in the 6 rack digital, for pulled pork.  Probably could do three of these at a time in this model (maybe more, but I haven't tried to max out volume on this cut).

I think there are a few guys online here that do catering gigs and can probably give you some better guidance if you clarify your goals.  Good luck.


Habanero Smoker

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Here are some inside dimensions for the original four rack model, I believe these measurements will be the same for the six rack, with the addition of two more racks. Each rack is 11" x 1/2" x 13.5" (with another inch if you include the handles). There is 4" of clearance between each shelf.

One concern would be does the Bradley have enough wattage to smoke as many as you would like, within a decent time frame. I have the original 4 rack model. I have done four 7 pound butts at one time; two per tray, and I had to use every other shelf. It was a struggle for the BS to get up to the set temperature, and to maintain that temperature. Some members have added additional heat sources to their smoker.