New to Bradley I've got a couple of stupid questions for ya all

Started by 800hooch, January 06, 2008, 09:06:55 PM

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Sorry in advance for the stupid questions. I have been looking at allot of recipes on the forum for making venison sausage. Allot of them call for water ??????  What is the water for? And my other question is in some of the recipes for pork ribs they say to boat the ribs what is boating ribs.



Welcome to the forum. No stupid questions here. Do you run an 800-number service for booze? Just checkin'   :D

A lot of sausage receipes call for water, usually to help distribute ingredients (especially cure) and make it workable. Also why the beginning smoking cycle involves drying the sausages before applying smoke.

When I boat I am on the water, but I think the smoke-a-holics here are referring to placing the ribs in an aluminum foil "boat" to hold in juices.



To expand on Arcs' comments:
After applying smoke (and heat) to the ribs, you can wrap them in foil or put them in a disposable foil pan covered with foil, with a little liquid to finish the heating process.  By covering the ribs and adding a little liquid (apple juice, jack daniels, wild turkey, the list can go on and on), while they continue to cook, the ribs won't dry out and they will also get real tender. 

Caution, heating the ribs wrapped up can cause the meat to fall off the bone.  So if you don't want the meat to fall off the bone you will want to unwrap them a little early.  This will also give you the opportunity to add some bbq sauce and glaze them on the grill. 
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thanks for the replies. And no my user name is the same as the one I use in a snowmobiling forum. the 800 stands for an 800 summit sled.  thanks again for the answers.


Hey you...  Welcome to the forum....  As they said, there are no stupid questions here....  I am a newbie as well, so I am right there in your shoes... I am the queen of the "stupid questions"!  LOL   These guys are awesome and are more than welcome to help you out!  I think I can speak for everyone here when I say, we look forward to hearing how your venision turns out!  Good LUCK!  ;D
Life is too short...  Nothing but FUN!


Welcome 800hooch.
No stupid questions other than the ones that don't get asked. I see your questions were answered so get on with it and get smoking ;D :D ;)
Don't forget to post your adventures.
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