2 butts, and 4 racks of ribs ??

Started by SKSmoker, June 09, 2007, 11:29:14 PM

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Hey guys. I have a question for all of you. I am planning on feeding 20 two weekends from now and the menu is calling for pork butt and ribs. I will get 2 butts <avg 9 lbs> and 4 DBS racks full of ribs.

What I am wondering is how to cook these thing in one unit. The butt will be in for almost 14 hours before the ribs go in, but I have to smoke the ribs too ??? .. A little confused as to how I will be able to smoke the ribs without taking the butts out for the smoke duration and put them back in.. I am going to smoke the butts with apple and ribs with hickory.

I guess I could always smoke the ribs with apple as well, but then I don't want the butts to be too smokey if I keep them in the DBS and throw a few more hours of smoke to get the ribs smoked up. I did a search on the forums here and I couldn't find alot of posts about this.

Ah hell, it is late and my head hurts. Any help guys, much appreciated!!! ;D
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Habanero Smoker

From what I read, you are  not cooking ahead of time, and planning for everything to be done at the same time in the BS? Just before placing the ribs in the cabinet, I would take the butts out of the smoker, tightly wrap with heavy duty foil (maybe add a splash of apple juice). Place them back into the smoker, add your ribs and load the chute with hickory. Or after foiling, place them in a 200°F-250°F oven.



My preference would be to start the butts with the 4 hours of smoke but would start 16 to 18 hours ahead of time.  After the 4 hours of smoke, boat in a foil pan with some apple juice, cover with foil and place it in the oven at 190 to 200 degrees.  Then 6 hours before you want to serve, put the ribs in the smoker.  I would take them out after their 4 hours and boat as well for the remaining 2 hours.  If your start time gets delayed, turn the heat off on the oven and let the boats stay in there until ready to serve.  OVEN FTC.
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Hi SKS.  Another option, which is what I would do, is do the buts now, vac seal and put in fridg or freezer.  To reheat simply put in boiling water to reheat.  Do the ribs when you are ready.
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West Coast Kansan

Two 9# butts will be a lot closer to 18 hours than 14 hours to finish. Absolutely start earlier.  You can also start FTC in a prewarmed cooler and well wrapped butts 6 hours before time to eat. They will be fine.

I am guessing you are wanting guests to participate in the pulling and smoking a bit. 

If not the oven finish will be easier as Gizmo suggests cooking ahead is a much lower hastle factor as WC suggests and lets you focus on one thing.  Butts are a great choice...they seem to get better with time.

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Interesting stuff guys. All taken under advisement. Right now, everything is supposed to be ready at the same time.. but things can change! :)

You all have really good idea's, just have to see what is going to work the best. I was going to put the butts in a tinfoil pan for the cook and just shread the pork in the pan. I saw it over at.. hmm.. smokering.com or something like that. The guy put the butts in his offset, in the heavy foil pan, then just shredded the pork in the pan mixing in with all the juices, and the cleanup.. well, that's the best part! :)

I like habanero's idea, because I could just foil the butts in the pan, throw the ribs in, smoke away, and uncover the butts once the smoke was done. Really, as I think about it, I want to be FTC'ing for 4 hrs for the butts at least and 2hrs for the ribs, so really.. no one will even see the meat in the smoker, it will be in my hot cooler! I plan to start much earlier than expected to boot.

I am sure with all of your help, I'll get a direction figured out. Keep it coming guys!
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