What I found at Sam's

Started by BigRed, September 27, 2004, 01:59:19 PM

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Fellow Smokers!

When buyi8ng some Boston Butts at Sam's ($1.16 a pound great deal!)
We came up on a display of Bradley Smokers! They were asking $460.16+ could not tell if it was the black or stainless Steel. You got 60 biskettes and a cover. Chez is still a better deal. Sam's gets their fingers in everything.



My wife came home describing these yesterday.  Didn't know what kind they were.  A good deal for Bradley.  They will sell the you know what out of them.  I bet we will be welcoming a lot more Bradley owners on the forum.  Get too many of them out there, and all those cheap butts will disappear.  One thing I learned about Sam's is to ask for Pork Butt.  They typically don't keep it out in plain sight.

I a 12 lb one I got there a couple of months back...Just too much meat for the two of us.  I froze half after smoking, and wife is going to make enchiladas out of it.  Should be great!

There is room on earth for all God's creatures....right on my plate next to the mashed potatoes.



I don't know about the BS, but I have noticed that the Loin Backs have gone down .65 lb to 4.05 and the butts are about 1.35 or so.  That was last week.  Sure hope they keep falling.  Get a kick out of this, Kroger's>>>> over 6.5 lb for loin backs, spares are about 4.00+.  WalMart is at 4.35 or so for loin backs.


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