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Started by EYE-land Jay, October 02, 2004, 10:11:31 PM

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EYE-land Jay

Hows it going everyone.
I'm new to this site and new to smoking.
I'm sure I'm going to have a lot of questions for the first little while but with a little experience I hope to help others.
My first ? is that for my first smoke, What should I do thats easy and inexpensive so that when I screw it up it doesn't cost me too much.
My second ? is that I will mostly be smoking for just myself the wife and my 2 little boys, Can I do smaller portions in the smoker or should I fill it?
EYE-land Jay

May all your dreams go up in smoke:)



You can smoke as little or as much of dang near anything you want!

Why not try a chicken first time out...they are plenty cheap enough!

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EYE-land Jay,

You are going to find that the Bradley screws up very little of what you cook.  I did a flat brisket and 2 racks of ribs first time out, and following the guidance here on the list, you will have significant success.   It is just too easy.  I did Salmon the second time around, then 12# Pork butt, and on and on.  I even cold smoked some pork loin chops for an hour before grilling them.  

It is quite the little cooker, and you will be very pleased with how good this make you look.  Go light on the rub first time out...

You really should get a remote thermometer.   Maverick ET-73 is a good one, but many out there.  Cruise the accessory section for references of where best prices are on the web.

Good books include Smoke and Spice by The Jamisons.  Worth the investment!

Enjoy your new smoker, and welcome to the forum.

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My vote is for a pork butt.  The price have been dropping steady now for the past couple of weeks.  I saw them at Sams this past weekend for a 1.19lb and picnic cuts for .99lb.  You could do 2 of them for 12-14$.  They are toooo easy and it will make you look good real quick.  

Step 1.  Wash, Dry and rub down with some basic rub (I use Korky's, you don't have to get pricey stuff), wrap in saran wrap overnight.

Step 2.  Pull your butts out and set on the cabinet for about an hour while you pre-heat your smoker to about 250 or so.

Step 3.  Spray your racks with Pam them put one butt on a rack and use the top 2 spaces and sent your vent open 1/4-1/3.  My suggestion is to get a remote themometer and put the probe in and run the wire out the top vent.

Step 4.  Put your pucks (about 12) in and let it go.  You want your temp to stay around 225 or so.  It will take about 12 hrs, give or take.  Now this is the hard part, DON'T look at that thing, let your smoker do it's thing.  Check on it about 6hrs into the cook but after that shut the door and act like Ron Popiel, set it and for get it and wait for the internal temp to get to 185 and not below.

Step 5.  Pull your butts and double wrap them in foil.  Then wrap them in an old towel and let set for an hour or two.  If you have a  cooler, place those puppies in it.  DON'T bypass this last step.  IT WILL make a differance!

Pardon me if this TMI.  But what ever you do have fun.  Don't make your self a stranger around here.


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Perryville, Arkansas

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