Started by wicz, July 11, 2007, 10:05:25 AM

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Who has done bratwurst in the Bradley?  Any pointers on them?  I think they should just take an hour to smoke. 

Also Has anyone tried polish sausage in the bradley?


I have done brats in the Bradley.  They don't take too long, but it has been a while.  Not too shabby, but I prefer a good beer simmered brat over the smoked version.  Good luck

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Its all good.   ;)  Seems to be a nice balance to a load as well.  Good to use as a treat while waiting for the brisket or butt or whatever to finish.   ;D

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I tried bratwurst but I like a beef kielbasa over the brat.  I put on a couple during the last 1-2 hour of the smoke.  Put it on a bun with some sauce, and it holds everyone over until the main course is done.