Smoked Goose ?

Started by Thunder Fish, October 13, 2004, 05:24:10 AM

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Thunder Fish

Besides the jerkey has any one yet to try " skin on breasts"? If so what would be a great merinade?
 We used to do whole bird's years ago in a out house(wooden)type of smoker with my Dad, now that he his gone(15 yrs) and so is the receipe?
 Any problems forseen with the Bradley would be of great help.They used to hang in the  "box" for a few day's smoking away with Birch and Willow .Thinking of doing this up coming weekend as prequil to X-mas using Pecan and Apple  ? ? ? ? ? [?] [?] [?]


I have had good luck with just a brown sugar or a maple cure for poultry. I think it would be considered more of a brine than a marinade. High Mountain also has a Goose Brine which I have not tried. Some of the Sporting Goods stores in town here have a nice variety of marinades that we have used for various types of meat. They have all been really good. If you use a cure type brine make sure you rinse well and soak for an hour or two before smoking. If you plan on smoking one bird, pick up some chicken breast or drums and try a couple different marinades/recipes to smoke along with the bird. They will reheat nice and easy the next day.
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I did two whole chickens this summer using Hi-Mtn Game Bird and Poultry Brine.  It was awesome[:p]  I would definitely recommend it for any bird to try.  It adds and retains moisture and is some type of maple based flavour to it.  Smoked with maple pucks.  Top drawer.  I think I wrote about it in the new topics section under "have smoker will travel" or something like that anyway.  Available at lots of sporting goods stores, but you can get it for sure at Wholesale Sports, and they had the best price in Lethbridge when I shopped it...

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Thunder Fish

Thanks guy's for the post's,I'll try to find the Hi mtn brind out here on the West Coast.The 1 thing I do remember was to rinse before smoking,then set out on the venture.
 Good advise again [:D] [:D] [;)]

Chez Bubba


If goose is anything like duck, here's what we discovered. If you want to read the history & how we came across our conclusions, do a forum search, there's a couple of threads about it.

The best way, IMO, for duck breast is to cold smoke it 2-3 hours, then traditionally pan fry. Got rave reviews from the folks who sell more ducks than anybody in the world.[;)]

Ya think next time I check into a hotel & they ask "Smoking or Non?" they would mind?
Ya think if next time I check into a hotel & they ask "Smoking or Non", they would mind?