where to place fuse on pid

Started by Fair-chase, August 08, 2007, 09:48:36 AM

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 Right now I'm running my pid off the back of the generator, so it's fused. If I want to finish cooking without the generator off ( don't want the heat) can I run my pid out of a seperate outlet straight to the back of the smoker? If so I'll need to fuse the pid I think. Should it be put on the inlet + on the terminal strip before going into the pid? What size and type fuse should I use?


Tiny Tim

As long as your main power cord stays plugged in, and you only cut the switch on the smoke generator, you're still protected by a 10A fuse.  If you were to switch to a separate cord that operates the PID and heating element only, then you'd need a 10A fuse on the "hot" wire before it feeds anything, and people here have recommended (I've abided by it) a 1A fuse going to the "hot" going into the PID.


Ok I want to tryo to build my own PID. I have been on several websites/forums gathering info.  some of the questions I have 1) I have a diagram that shows the fuse connected to the incoming power cord and the line between the realy and the PID unit. What amperage fuse should I use 10? Someone on the forum talked about a 1 amp fuse?  If I want to wire in an on/off switch should I do this after the fuse?  Does anyone have a detailed wiring diagram?  I bought a project box from radio shack I figured it would make construction easier and cleaner.  What about a heat sink for the relay?  my email is [email protected].  any help would be greatly appreciated.