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Started by smokmifugotm, September 02, 2007, 10:02:51 AM

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Here it goes!  I am one month into owning my obs and still learning.  This is my first attempt at spare ribs.  I preheated my obs to 210 degrees while I got my ribs ready.  I put them in and the smoker and the temp had dropped to 105 degrees in the process.  I thought no biggie, cause it was steadily climbing.  So, I left to hit the gym and when I got back.  YIKES!! :o  The temp of the smoker was at 165 degrees and my internal temp of the meat was at 150 degrees.  I am not sure why my smoker did not make it back up to at least around 190. 

That is the situation.  Here is the question!  Should I worry about the OBS temp as long as I hit the correct internal temp of the meat?  I plan to pull them off and slow cook them at 190 degrees in a pan and foil in the oven for several hours.  If anybody has any advice, let me have it.  I appreciate it in advance!  And if you took the time to read this have a great weekend also! 

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Are you using the door thermometer or a remote probe located near the meat?  Temperature varies inside the box.
You didn't mention how many racks of ribs you were doing so it is hard to give you a guess on how fast your recovery from loading will be. 

I always preheat to 260 deg or so and keep the element on high until the box has sufficiently recovered from the loading.  Some of the folks use bricks in the bottom as they will absorb the heat and help with box temp recovery.

I would not worry about the box temp not reading what you were expecting.  With your IT above the safe zone and the extra pan foil tenderizing, they will be safe to eat and very tasty.   :P  :P  :P
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Thanks Gizmo, you are great.  I am doing 3 full rack of ribs in the obs.  I am using the maverick et-73 dual probe monitor (which is awesome by the way).  I have my box temp climbing again after adjusting the temp.  I am 181 box and 161 meat at just under three hours.  I guess maybe I should preheat to higher next time as you suggested, but now I am concerned about changing the racks and the water cause of how low that will bring my cabinet temp down again.  Should I let them be or take the chance on rotating the racks and changing the water? 

Also, would you guys recommend anything in the tin pan (like sauce) or just the spritz of apple sauce on the hour. 

Thanks again!


I agree with Giz.  Go ahead and rotate.  Now that the meat is at a higher temp, the recovery will happen faster.  Will not really matter as long as it is in the safe zone.  It has been my experience that the longer it takes the better the end result.  As far as moisture, just spray with something.  Apple juice is wonderful.  Also, give a liberal sprary when you go to FTC.
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Alright guys, here was my result.  I cranked the heat dial up for about a half hour before rotating the meat.  My obs temp got to 220, then I rotated the meat and changed the water at 4 hours.  I finally got the temp of the meat up to 185 degrees after 5 hours on the smoker.  Then straight into foil pans with foil across the top and into the oven at 190 degrees for 5 hours (cause my guests were late) spraying with apple juice every hour.   
Everytime I try something new, I invite over my buddy and his wife (who have been charcoal smoking for over 25 years) for their opinions on the food.  Well, my end result in all our opinion was incredible tasting meat.  Although he did say the meat looked like it had pulled away from the bone a bit much from overcooking.  It was very tender and the bones literally pulled right out of the meat.  The only two downsides to me were one of the rubs I invented on my own was a bit hot and the other was my belly was stuffed.  I am slowly convincing him that you can make awesome meat with  with an electric smoker.  Thanks again for the input on this holiday weekend!   I love this smoker! ;D


Quote from: smokmifugotm on September 03, 2007, 02:03:40 PM
(cause my guests were late)

Although he did say the meat looked like it had pulled away from the bone a bit much from overcooking.

And he was late - Sounds like you have an opening for him at the dog bowl with a can of Alpo, that will always be ready when he shows up  ;D

Glad to hear it turned out great and kidding aside, sounds like the guests enjoyed as well.  I predict another unit sold in the near future.
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Hi smokmifugotm, glad everything turned out nice for you and your guests  ;)

Just wanted to add, when refreshing the water bowl, i always use hot water, this helps to keep cabinet temps up

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Congrats! I would complain about no pictures but I just did a perfect brisket last week, took all the pics of prep work and forgot to snap some of the finished product. I'll heed my own advice...keep that camera handy, we all love to drool over the pics here  :P