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Started by DocZ, November 21, 2007, 01:13:59 AM

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I've tried to log-on during two tuesday eve's forums but am not getting it done. Can the moderator or some other kind person confirm that I have registered properly, but abit technically challanged or ? 

Tiny Tim

Do you mean for the chat at the Recipe site?  If so, you need current Java updates, and when you registered, you should have gotten an activation e-mail.  If you didn't, contact Oldman here.

Hope this helps.

West Coast Kansan

gotta watch for the email to return.  I had a problem with my filter kicking out the email. Lucky for me somehow Olds knew I needed watching and took care of me. 

I cant get in on aol...but get in via ms

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QuoteLucky for me somehow Olds knew I needed watching and took care of me. 
If I was that good I would know the 6 numbers needed for Saturday nights Loto~~!  ;D

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Well, if you get 'em Olds, be sure to pass 'em on  ;D



Could you imagine what his MG would be like if he won!
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Smoking Duck

Don't you mean what his MG"s" would look like?  I'll bet he'd have a fleet of them.  ;D

Steeler....she's a keeper!

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