Could someone link me to the post I can't find?

Started by SmokinMoe, November 04, 2004, 10:09:34 PM

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I was reading last week or 2 weeks ago a post where someone gave DETAILED instruction about brining, etc. and he really went into his whole way he did it. I believe it was Kummock (sorry if mispelled) I can't find it anywhere.  
could someone tell me where it is or post the url to find it?  I wanted to reread it and try it.  Chez Bubba, you said you used his method before in his post and everyone kept talking about it but I can't find the post anywhere.
Am I crazy or is it just hiding somewhere?
Still waiting on my guru raptor.  How long should I wait before I call them?  It will be a week on Saturday and no sign of shipping.
"If I have to cook, I might as well watch it all go up in smoke!"


Given them a call for status.  Ask to speak to Linda.  To boys are out at another smoking event, but Linda has her finger on the pulse there and give you a status report.

I heard they sold out of their first production run, and they are awaiting the units to ship.  Join the club! I bought a remote Guru, and apparently the supplier for the cover cut them at wrong size, so 2 week delay on getting it to me. I just want it before Thanksgiving!

I am again smoking without my guru, because I sent it in for diagnostics.  What a pain to not have it!  Using the Maverick ET73, and in and out to adjust the temp every 15 minutes until it stabilizes is a PIA!

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Chez Bubba


It's stickied to the top of the Fish page.

Ya think next time I check into a hotel & they ask "Smoking or Non?" they would mind?
Ya think if next time I check into a hotel & they ask "Smoking or Non", they would mind?