just started my first smoke

Started by armpower, November 30, 2007, 11:58:47 AM

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well i did not start with a chicken :o   my first smoke is antelope jerky (from ground meat)   seasoned and cured last night and put in the bds just 5 min ago  its 1pm mst.   apple wood for 1:20 then 150-170 deg till done. i am figuring about 6-8 hrs total.

if there is anything that is very wrong with what i am doing please let me know.

i will keep you updated

Smoking Duck

Good luck Armpower.  I'd like to help you out but still waiting for my DBS to arrive.  Let us know how it turns out!

Steeler....she's a keeper!

Who doesn't love lab puppies?

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Tiny Tim

Sounds like you're doing okay...start checking for doneness at about 3-3.5 hours though.  I based that time on my preference of a bit more tender...some go for what I consider shoe leather, I don't like it that far.


the smoke part is done, i rotated racks and it smells great ;D       and even looks like jerky :o

i will start cking for done ness around the 3hr mark.      i am used to whole muscle not ground what is the best way to ck doneness of ground??

Tiny Tim

Good question.  I've only done ground in a dehydrator, and wasn't happy with either batch I made.  I'm sure somebody will be by to answer...maybe not in time though.

Pull a piece out and taste it, if you like it, great, if not leave it be for a while.


is there and amount of time it must cook/dry/smoke,   to be safe.  it has had cure for 17 hrs.

Tiny Tim

Can't answer on Game meat...sorry.  Beef I wouldn't be concerned with 3 hours at 150 or above, in 1/4" or thinner strips.


great in my experience game meat that is taken care of in the field is often safer than beef so i should be fine.


well its 3.5 hrs. this is what i have learned. 

1 your right if you watch the temp to close you will go nutz ::)

2  it tastes great, the piece i just tried. ;D

3  not sure if it is done, having jerked in a dehydrator before, trying not to dry it too much but also not to get anyone sick.  i will let it go for another 10-15 min.  some is obviosly done and some i am just not sure. ???

4  this smoking thing is great cant wait to dry something that makes a meal. ;)

5  i use to many faces when i post :-*


Never smoked jerky, but here's to breaking in the machine (cheers!).

Now, let's get some ribs in the box.  Not too much work, just a lot of anxiety for no reason, because the bradley is magic.  All you have to do is read other posts and follow there "sucess map."  Once you've done good ribs, you're hooked.  I'm sorry, there's no hope: you'lll be trying to improve your product (meaning any smoked product).  And good, better, or best, it'll be like golf: you'll be pleased, but sure you can do better. 

Welcome again, and congrats on the maiden voyage in advance. 

Cheers again.


Welcome aboard. Glad to hear you are having early success.